Mermaids as a Kindle book

The Mermaids’ adventures are now available on the Amazon Kindle store as an ebook.

MERMAIDS – Happy Birthday, dear Octopus! is a beautiful picture book for young children.

Inky the Octopus has birthday and the Mermaids and their friends are preparing a surprise party for her. The little Rae octopus is worried: Inky is so big and she is herself so small. But things are not always as you might think, because even a big creature can be fearful and a small creature can be brave.

Illustrator Ulla Sainio has created an enchanting underwater world with plenty to explore and admire. The work has many important themes and quiet humor. The book takes several readings despite its apparent ease, as the images and text tell several stories. The story and illustrations of the picture book MERMAIDS – Happy Birthday, dear Octopus! are by Finnish illustrator Ulla Sainio:

MERMAIDS – Happy Birthday, dear Octopus:

  • 40 pages
  • mermaids’ adventures taking care of nature
  • suitable for small children

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